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2023 & 2024 Available Dates

WIth limited dates available at the Old Coon Creek Inn we would love it if you find a date that works for you. The following dates in 2024 are currently available for weddings. If the date for your special day is not listed below the date is not available. Cancellations will be reposted on this page.

When you are 100% ready to book your date at the Old Coon Creek Inn , please send us an email at occiwedding@gmail.com. Please include your top three (3) date choices and specify your order of preference (ie: 1st choice is X, 2nd Choice is Y). Preferred dates are discussed & finalized when you are ready to sign the contract and submit the booking fee. Thanks!

With several Wedding locations on the property the Old Coon Creek Inn is able to offer select dates for you to consider.

Open for Events - 2023 Availability

May to November

Open for Events - 2024 Availability

May to November

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